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Newport Beach Golf Course

Newport Beach Golf Course Limiting the expansion of John Wayne Airport Runways Golfing in Newport Beach is always a great treat! Now with the upcoming renovations to the Newport Beach Golf Course it’ll be even better. A hidden benefit to the renovation is that it will help to limit expansion of the John Wayne airport…
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Do the Sea Walls still Protect Us?

Do the Sea Walls still Protect Us? A program on rising tides and the City’s aging Sea Walls! The seawalls in our City keep the high tides, ocean swells, floodwaters and wind‐driven storm surges from our homes and businesses on the Balboa Peninsula, Mariner’s Mile, Bayside Drive, Balboa Village and especially Balboa Island. Rising sea…
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John Wayne Noise Abatement

John Wayne Airport Noise Abatement The curse of the Orange County Airport! SUN proudly presents ORANGE COUNTY SUPERVISOR MICHELLE STEEL. The Supervisor will discuss and answer questions on John Wayne Airport and the So Cal Metroplex, the Federal program that will impose new take off patterns at all So Cal Airports, including John Wayne! Newport…
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