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How to Protect Against Wildfires

How to Protect Against Wildfires & Rising Homeowner Insurance About 1/3 of Newport Beach is in the “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.” Residents are experiencing skyrocketing insurance rates & increased wildfire concerns. You won’t want to miss this important presentation with information about: How to protect your home with landscape & structure “hardening” Best…
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2022 State Candidates Forum

Meet the Candidates for State Assembly District #72,State Senate District #36, and the 47th Congressional District. District Boundaries have been redrawn creating interesting and important races for the 72nd State Assembly, 36th State Senate Districts and the 47th Congressional District. Speak Up Newport has invited all the candidates to appear and present their case on…
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2022 City Council Candidates Forum

2022 City Council Candidates Forum Come Hear All the Candidates for the November 8, 2022 City Council District Elections Speak Up Newport has been sponsoring a City Council Candidates Forum for over the past 30 years. This year there are eight candidates for four seats on the City Council. The forum will be at the…
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Concerned About Home Break-Ins?

Concerned About Home Break-Ins? Come Hear What the Newport Beach Police Department is doing to Address Residential Burglary Trends and Find out How to Prevent your Home from Being Targeted by Burglars Have you heard about recent home break-ins and asked yourself, “What is being done by the police department and what do I need…
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The Electric Bicycle Controversy

The Electric Bicycle Controversy Some Call for a Ban, Others Boost Them.Receive insight from an E-Bike innovator as well as hear what the City of Newport Beach is doing to address E-Bike safety, education, and enforcement Like them or not, electric bicycles are ubiquitous in the City of Newport Beach. Their relatively low cost, ease…
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